Travelling and Training: staying on track at home or away

Committing to any training programme or diet is hard enough when you’re in your usual surroundings at home or at work so fitting it in when you’re on holiday or away for a few days can seem super tricky. I’m now 5 weeks away from my second ever physique competition, the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion show ( on 8th November at the London’s O2, and have been training and dieting hard for the last 11 weeks. This involves counting my calories, weighing food and a crazy amount of Tupperware!! I’ll write more about this shortly but for my first post I wanted to share some of my top tips for training whilst travelling as I’ve just spent three days in Salzburg on a trip I booked and paid for way before I’d decided to compete again.

So first things first, kit! To be honest you can manage with very little whilst you’re away and although I always travel with my trainers and gym kit you can easily do without footwear if you’re struggling for luggage space. For example skipping and plyometric moves work well bear-foot. This weekend I was lucky enough to have a gym in my hotel but normally I have to make do with limited kit and body weight exercises in a small hotel room. Here is a really simple body weight routine I often use which you can do in any hotel room. It will get you sweating and help shift some serious body fat!

  1. 10 x burpees
  2. 10 x body weight squats
  3. 10 x push ups*
  4. 20 x jumping lunges (10 each leg)
  5. 20 x alternating leg lowers

*try eccentric push ups if you struggle or if you want to shift the focus of the move to your triceps.

Do each set of exercises one after the other with no rest in-between, rest when you’ve completed all exercises then repeat. Start by doing two rounds/circuits and build up to three or four as you progress or challenge yourself to do more if you’re of a reasonable fitness already.

Lastly, on the food front, whilst it is possible to make healthy food choices when you’re away (think salads, steak, grilled chicken or any tasty pan fried fish) it’s useful to travel with a few backup options which will ensure that you don’t have to resort to grabbing a chocolate bar or fast food on the go. If you’re vegetarian or vegan then nuts, snacking fruit and pre-prepared veg are really good travel choices.  Most supermarkets also do some great ready made packets of rice and pulses which you can eat straight from the pack or heat for 1-2 mins in a microwave (see links below).  Although I don’t eat dairy I’m not vegan so I take beef jerky away with me as it lasts for ages, doesn’t need refrigerating and is really light and easy to transport. Choose a clean brand i.e. jerky with no artificial additives or preservatives. My friends think I’m crazy but I often travel with small cans of tuna and a plastic fork, this is really low cost and ensures you get a good hit of low fat protein, make sure you choose ring pull cans! Lastly, I always take travel sachets of protein powder where ever I go, Viva High Pro Single Serving sachets are perfect as I don’t need to measure, weight or worry about carry containers and there’s absolutely no nasties in them at all so I can stay sugar and dairy free. So, there you go, my top tips to keep you training and on target where ever you may travel! Enjoy 🙂


My travel training kit

My go anyway training kit!

Trainings and a skipping rope, now I’m good to go!

Good food on the go

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