Uncover the nutritional health benefits of plant protein shakes

We think there are loads of reasons to enjoy dairy free protein powder, but today we’re going to focus on the top five health benefits of plant protein shakes.

Gentler on the digestion

Some protein powders – particularly those from dairy (whey protein and casein protein) – can be difficult to digest. You don’t have to be suffering from IBS or Crohn’s to know how awful it is to have digestive problems. Plant protein powders are dairy free and gentle on the digestion. Because they are derived from plant sources, and minimally processed, they arrive in your digestive system in as raw and natural a state as possible.

All-natural sweeteners

Even the sweetener we use is the gentlest around. Stevia is a zero-calorie sweet additive derived from the leaves of the Stevia plant. Most protein powders and shakes use artificial, chemical sweeteners such as Sucralose. We don’t want you to be ingesting chemicals!

No more bloating

Because plant proteins are so gentle on the stomach, you’ll notice that any bloating you usually experience with whey shakes will be gone. Bloating and gas are not necessary by-products of drinking protein shakes and smoothies. Switch to plant protein powders and you will see (and feel) the difference.

Avoiding lactose?

Plenty of people like to avoid lactose, whether they are lactose intolerant or just prefer how they look and feel when they take dairy out of their diets. Lactose is the form of sugar found in milk and whey protein powder. It can be tough for our human digestive systems to deal with, leading to mucus, inflammation of the gut and bad skin. The solution lies in lactose free protein supplements. Thankfully, plant protein powders make it easy (and a complete pleasure) to switch away from whey protein completely.

Healthy natural fats and fibre

We love healthy fats, and so do our bodies! Gone are the days of low-fat dieting. Most people now recognise how important it is to have moderate levels of good fats in the diet. The fats found in hemp protein are a wonderful source of omega 6 and omega 9, both of which are really important, as Western diets tend to be imbalanced towards omega 3.  And our plant based protein powders pack a healthy dose of fibre, too, which is important for good digestion and feeling full.


We’d love to hear from you: why do you choose plant-based nutrition for a healthy, happy body?


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