When is a 50% Protein better than a 100% Protein?

When is a 50% Protein better than a 100% Protein?

When choosing a protein shake there are various things to consider, for many the most important consideration  is the protein %.

Now its all very well having a high percentage of protein but what is really important is the grams of protein & the quality of this protein.

A protein shake can deliver a number of other benefits for someone looking to improve their health or physique. Although Fibre is not often listed on protein shakes this doesn’t mean it should be looked over as  it has many benefits to offer.

As well as increasing protein absorption in the long term via its non soluble properties, the soluble fibre is also important for digestive health.  Fibre will also get you to your next meal without craving food providing a feeling of fullness.

Good fats should be part of your diet and can be obtained from your daily shakes & are seriously useful nutrients for good health, mood & fat loss contrary to widespread mislead beliefs & misconceptions about fats. Fats should make up at least 20% of your diet, more if you are following a low carb diet.

Whats not in my shake makes it good. When looking for a protein shake it is also important to consider what else you are putting into your system, there are many products on the market with added this & added that. Now if you are just looking to add bulk then you can probably get away with throwing any old calories in your mouth and achieving your goal but if you are looking to really transform your body, cutting away at your body fat % and performing well physically then you want to watch closely what you are consuming.

The 1st thing to avoid is dairy, now if you go to a dietician it is standard practice to be told to stay away from dairy, be it for weight loss, allergies, high cholesterol. Consuming a shake that is high in processed dairy is not going to leave your body in the state you  want to be in for serious training. the way to good health so there is no point in taking highly processed, scientifically engineered, almost pharmaceutical products, it is far safer & more effective to consume natural, raw if possible nutrition.

Avoid artificial sweeteners, a sweet tooth is not a great thing when you are trying to stick to a training plan. Consuming artificial sweeteners, as well as probably being harmful actually increase cravings for sweet foods. Natural sweeteners can provide enough sweetness for most pallets & satiate your craving.

Now if everyone started drinking plant shakes there could be Hemp fields growing everywhere, far better for the planet than huge mechanised dairy mega farms. Not to mention the poor souls the cows who are delivering the stuff.

So maybe a plant based protein is the shake that everyone should be taking right now.

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