Who Needs Gym Equipment? A Short Introduction to Bodyweight Training


With today’s hectic pace of life, it can be tricky to find time to get to the gym even once – let alone multiple times per week! This is one of the reasons that bodyweight training is becoming so popular, not just in the UK but across the globe. There are plenty of programs available that don’t require a single piece of gym equipment, so provided you’ve got a human body (and we’ll assume you do), you’re all set to make gains and lose weights.

Today we’ll show you some great ways to get started bodyweight training at home right away.

What is bodyweight training?

Put simply, the umbrella term ‘bodyweight training’ refers to any exercise that you can perform without the use of free weights or gym equipment of any kind. The concept is that your own bodyweight will provide the resistance required to build strength and (over time) muscle too. You’re probably already familiar with the most common forms of bodyweight exercises: sit-ups, pull-ups, and press-ups are the three most popular. But there are actually a lot more exercises that really take advantage of what you already have to help work out, define, and strengthen your body. Let’s take a look at some particularly effective bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight exercises you can try at home

Below we’ll share a few of our favourite bodyweight training exercises. A word of warning: some of these might be a lot tougher than they seem!

  • The Wall Sit. For this one, you simply need to press your back against a flat wall, then bend your knees and move downward until you are “sitting” against the wall.
  • High Knees. In this exercise, you need to stand shoulder-width distance apart, then essentially run on the spot. The twist? You must lift each knee as high as possible towards your chest.
  • The Superman. Just as fun as it sounds, for this exercise you’ll need to lie face down on the floor. Then simultaneously lift your legs, arms, and torso upwards. This will tighten your core in all-new ways!
  • One-Armed Press-up. If you thought regular press-ups were tough, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The one armed variant requires you to hold one arm behind your back and lean slightly towards the pressing side. Do as many as you can before collapsing in a heap.

Does bodyweight training really work?

There is a concept in fitness known as ‘hypertrophy’. This is the bodily process responsible for building your muscles during exercise. Some people believe that you need a very large weight in order to trigger hypertrophy, however you can in fact do this using progressive techniques with your own bodyweight. For example, by increasing the number of reps you carry out during bodyweight training, you can effectively reach the hypertrophic state without any machines or weights. Simple, right? So next time someone tells you that bodyweight training simply ‘isn’t enough to gain mass’, well, you’ll know what to tell them!

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Jessica has over ten years experience in the fitness industry, working initially as a fitness coach and personal trainer, and then moving into management for several years in health clubs around the UK. Fitness is a way of life for Jessica, spending many hours each week in the gym in order to constantly improve her fitness, strength and skills.
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