Why is whey protein so bloody expensive?

Why is Whey Protein So Bloody Expensive? 

It’s a good question. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Whey Prices BanzaiIn short, the price of the whey commodity has gone beserk. Producers are now paying a whopping  €1000 a ton for whey protein! Here’s why.

1. China. The explosion of industry in the Far East has seen soaring demand.

2. The surging popularity of baby formulas over breast feeding worldwide.

3. Supply constraints in global production

Who do you think will be footing the bill for these rising supplementation costs? You, the consumer of course.

There’s no ‘whey’ (sorry) the protein retailers can sustain a 50% increase in their operating costs without passing it onto the customer.

You might notice that where you were once buying a kilo, you’re now only getting 750g for the same inflated price.

As Flex Bodybuilding magazine said in their well informed article (see below):

“If money is tight, perhaps try protein supplements based on other protein powders…”


There’s food for thought.

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