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It’s a constantly asked question in the dieting/healthy eating world; should I snack? What should I snack on? When should I snack?
There has been lots of dietary advice which promotes healthy snacking to supplement meals, and also eating regularly to keep ‘the fire burning’ on your metabolism; which essentially means snacking too. This comes from sound scientific fact; basically if you leave long gaps between eating you’re not only causing a surge in blood sugar, but you could be overly hungry and therefore overeat.
Snacks therefore are a great addition to any diet or healthy lifestyle, and can be crucial in the life of anyone involved in physical activity; from elite sportsperson to first time gym-goer. The ideal snack would have a source of protein and not be too high in sugar; protein has been proven to keep you fuller for longer and shouldn’t cause a blood sugar spike in the same way that sugar would. If you’re buying off the shelf, look out for items that have a low GI (glycemic index); this is basically a measure of how quickly blood sugar rises after consumption. Anything below around 60 would be considered low – medium GI. If blood sugars spikes dramatically, it could ultimately cause cravings, low blood sugar or even promotion of fat storage at a later stage.

Healthy Snacks
Some people (me included) don’t always have time to prepare a snack, or the money to buy a readymade healthy snack from the shop every time it’s needed. This is why I think a protein shake (my personal choice is plant based Sativa Shakes High Pro) is a fantastic choice for a quick, easy and snack at a very reasonable price per portion! It tastes delicious, and you can have the powder ready on you all the time to mix into a snack, maybe post workout to promote muscular recovery.
Now, night time snacking; this is something that people really are split over. Some say you shouldn’t eat after X o clock, others say it doesn’t matter. What I say, is always do your own research; in my personal opinion though, there is nothing wrong with having a bed time snack. Since I started having a scoop of Sativa Shakes before bed, shaken with some unsweetened almond milk I have lost fat. I believe the main reason for that is that I’m taking in a low calorie, high protein and easily digestible snack before bed, and stopping the desperation of night time hunger leading me to go to a more inappropriate choice (like a cereal bar – often full of sugar). Your body also has a chance to heal more during the night; you’re not using energy to move so recovery processes have more of a chance to work, and with that protein your muscles will be getting some great attention!
Sleep well guys, it’s the secret to looking good 😉

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