Your Skinny Guide to Chocolate!

Sativa Choc Caramel is the perfect ‘lighter’ way to get your ‘chocolate fix’ .. and you can make it even more indulgent by adding a teaspoon of cocoa to your shake!

This tip promoted me to think of more skinny ways to indulge in chocolate, in particular at occasions such as Birthdays, Easter and Christmas where chocolate is EVERYWHERE!

 Chocolate Box

1) Ask for Flowers or Vouchers.. or GIVE THEM AWAY!

If you are lucky enough to have friends or family who love to buy you chocolate at special occasions then tell them (before you see them), that you’re really trying to be healthy and are avoiding temptation of all kinds. If your lovely friends or family insist on buying you something then there is no harm in suggesting a bunch of flowers or even vouchers.. then they will feel good having still got you something (so not ‘leaving you out’) and you won’t be faced with the temptation/pressure to eat more chocolate than you would like.

And if this tip doesn’t work.. and you still get given heaps of chocolate and you really don’t want even the temptation then why not do some good and offer your chocolates to a charity/hospital/homeless shelter.. the generosity will be much appreciated and you will feel good on two levels!


2) Set a 200-250 Calorie Limit

If you want to join in with the ‘eating feast’ then why not set yourself an allowance? 200-250 calories is roughly 10% of your daily calorie (kcal) allowance. My advice would be to read the label and become familiar with how many calories are in your chocolate treats and then decided how many calories you’re happy to eat (decide this first!).

A Sativa shake with milk, half a frozen banana & cocoa comes in at under 200 calories and tastes AMAZING!


3) Melt & Mix with Fruit

To make your chocolate go that little bit further why not melt some chocolate . You can then use this melted chocolate to dip in pieces of melon, strawberries or kiwis (or any fruit for that matter). This way you are on your way to achieving your 5 a day and will feel much fuller (and perhaps more satisfied) after! You could even chill the fruit dipped in chocolate in the fridge (or pop them in the freezer) for a sweet treat whenever you fancy it!

Choosing dark chocolate is a healthier alternative to milk and white chocolate as it contains more anti-oxidants and has less added fat and sugar.


4) Cheater’s Guide

If you struggle with temptation and can’t bear the thought of chocolate being in the house (as you could easily demolish them in one sitting) then why not get your chocolate fix another way.. here are some lighter ways to enjoy chocolate:

Sativa Choc Caramel with 200ml Unsweetened Almond Milk & Ice (136Kcal)

Hot Chocolate (the indulgent ones made up with water & splash of milk are ~100kcal)

Cracker with (a thin layer of) Chocolate Spread (~100kcal)

Cereal Bar with Chocolate (~100kcal)

Light Chocolate Mousse (<100kcal)

Treat Size Chocolate Bar (~100kcal)

Light Yoghurt with Chocolate Pieces (~100kcal)

5) Don’t make it a 4 day event!

Try to keep your ‘indulgent eating’ to just one day. This means you have something to look forward to and can ‘balance things out’ in the days before and after.. i.e. eating healthy and avoiding extra treats and perhaps engaging in some light exercise.

Don’t feel guilty in indulging.. everybody deserves a treat every now and again!


Do you have any more tips?

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